Venmo fee calculator 2023 (latest fees)

Have you become tired of Venmo app transaction fees? If yes, you are definitely looking for a Venmo fee calculator to calculate charges before transferring or receiving any amount.

Venmo fee calculator can help you estimate fees before transactions with different types of purposes, such as sending money using a credit card, adding money, or making an electronic withdrawal via instant transfer, among other things. By using this calculator, you can get an idea of how much fee you’ll be charged for each transaction and plan.

Venmo Instant Transfer Fee Calculator 2023

Calculate your Transfer fee before Transfer through Venmo App.

Venmo Price Calculator

Venmo Price Calculator

Step 3. Price Details:




How To Use Venmo Fee Calculator

Here is how to use Venmo’s fee calculator in a step-by-step process.

Step 1. Enter the amount you wish to transaction translate.

Step 2. Use the drop-down menu on the form to choose the transaction type.

Step 3. The Venmo Fee Calculator, instantly calculate Venmo fee and the net amount after fee deduction.

Step 4. Check the results: Check the display fees for both buyers and sellers, as well as the amount the seller will receive after the transaction fee is deducted.

Step 4. Make decisions based on results about transactions on Venmo, then, after allowing your purchases and sales to be more effective.

here is also video tutorial on how to use Venmo Fee calculator with complete guide.

Venmo fee Structure

Account Opening and holding Monthly Fee

When creating an account on Venmo, it does not charge you any fees for a month.

Electronic withdrawals Fee

For standard electronic withdrawals, Venmo does not charge any fees . However, for instant transfers, Venmo charges a fee of 1.75% of the transfer amount, with a minimum fee of $0.25 and a maximum fee of $25.

Sending money to people Fee

When sending money to people using your Venmo balance, debit card, or bank account, there are no fees charged. However, if you use your credit card to send a payment, Venmo charges a fee of 3% of the total transaction amount. This fee is applicable only when you use your credit card as the funding source for the transaction.

If you have sufficient funds in your Venmo balance or bank account, you can avoid this fee by selecting those options as the funding source for your transaction.

Buying, selling, or transferring cryptocurrencies Fee

When buying or selling cryptocurrencies on Venmo, there is a fee charged that varies based on the purchase or sale amount. The fee is calculated from the spread between the market price Venmo receives from its trading service provider and the exchange rate between US dollars and the cryptocurrency asset displayed to the user. Additionally, there is a transaction fee when buying or selling crypto assets.

Cryptocurrency purchase or sale amount
$1.00 to $4.99$0.49
$5.00 to $24.99$0.99
$25.00 to $74.99$1.99
$75.00 to $200.00$2.49
$200.01 to $1000.001.80%
Receiving a cryptocurrency transfer$0No fee
Transferring cryptocurrency to another Venmo or PayPal account$0No fee

 Venmo Mastercard Fee

Debit Card acquisition$0.00
ATM withdrawal
ATM withdrawal
ATM balance inquiry$0.00
Over-the-counter cash withdrawal
(bank and other financial institution)
Automatic reloads
(using your bank account)
Debit Card replacement$0.00
Source: Venmo website

Note: The above all information of fee and charges of Venmo App are collected from Venmo official website.

Final Thought

In summary, the Venmo Fee Calculator is a handy tool for estimating fees on various Venmo transactions. With it, you can gauge your transaction costs and manage your finances wisely.

Just enter the transaction amount and choose the transaction type, and the calculator does the rest. It displays the Venmo fee and the final amount after deduction. I hope you can easily use and calculate fees related to the Venmo transaction. For more queries with anything else, feel free to comment below for ask.


How do I calculate Venmo fees?

You can use the Venmo Fee Calculator above or check the fee table for various transaction types below. The official Venmo website also provides this information.

How much does Venmo charge to send $100?

Sending $100 with a credit card incurs a 3% fee, which is $3. However, using your Venmo balance, debit card, or bank is fee-free. The Venmo Fee Calculator above helps calculate fees for different amounts and transaction types.

How much does Venmo charge for transfers?

Venmo charges a 1.75% fee (minimum $0.25, maximum $25) for Instant transfers. Standard transfers taking 1-3 days have no fees.

Why is there a 3% fee on Venmo?

The 3% fee for credit card transactions covers charges imposed by credit card companies. To avoid it, use a debit card or your Venmo balance.

Which is better, PayPal or Venmo?

For global transactions, PayPal is superior, as Venmo is limited to the US.

How do I avoid Venmo fees?

Avoid using a credit card for transactions.

What is the Venmo fee for goods and services?

Venmo charges 1.9% plus $0.10 for goods and services. Use the Venmo Fee Calculator above for precise fee calculations.

Can I calculate Venmo Instant Transfer fees with the Venmo Fee Calculator?

Yes, you can use the Venmo Fee Calculator for Instant Transfer fees and other Venmo charges.

How much does Venmo deduct from each transaction for business sellers in the US?

Venmo charges business sellers in the US a fee of 1.90% plus $0.10 for each transaction.

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